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Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Create a post of your memories of Glenn Springs to share with others. It can be about a person from Glenn Springs, a location in Glenn Springs, or a feeling you had in Glenn Springs. Please share any and all cherished memories. We want to preserve for the future all recounts of this great, historic place.

Shared Stories

"This story goes back to the early forties continuing until today. In my early teens our church had youth parties in the beautiful, well kept grounds in and around the old Glenn Spring’s spring house. I did what my mother asked me not to do. She did not want me getting into the water. The water pool near the walkover bridge was very inviting. Some of us could not resist. I jumped in and cut a deep place in my knee. This became infected due to my resistance to tell my mother. I have a scar on my right knee until today. It is a real “Glenn Springs” scar from the days when there was a demand for the Glenn Springs Mineral Water. My story continues with a cousin giving me a going away party in Glenn Springs before going to Korea. I met a Glenn Springs young lady by the name of Geneva Ann West at the party. The party was in the old home of the late Dr. Clifton Smith. This led to our wedding over 58 years ago. Upon hearing the call to the ministry I was given a scholarship due to a dear lady who was a member in what we now call “The Old Stone Church.” She was the late Sidney Southerland. I was invited to speak on a Sunday morning in that great old church. It was a memorable day due to the fact that my childhood doctor shook my hand saying, “You have great poise.” This was the late Dr. Clifton Smith. It was one of those encouraging moments I have never forgotten. This story has not ended. In 1999 I began serving the Glenn Springs Presbyterian Church as Stated Supply Minister. It was a privilege to be invited to serve this great old church which was established in 1883. This privilege given to me continues in this year of 2012. I am grateful for all the efforts to preserve the colorful history of this historic community. All of this is to say my roots and those of my wife, who continues to own her parent’s home in Glenn Springs, run deep in the Glenn Springs community. Long live the memories! Written by, The Rev Dr. B. E. Pettit, a present member of the Glenn Springs Preservation Socie

- Rev. Dr. B.E. Pettit

Great story!! I enjoyed reading this. -Jenny

What a wonderful story and what a rich, long history you have with Glenn Springs! I enjoyed learning about your scholarship from Sidney! That is Sidney Smith Southard, right? - Betsy McKeown Martin

"Glenn Springs has always been a part of my life. As a young child, one of my favorite things to do was to visit my maternal grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Grover Wyatt (Alta Cannon), who lived in the Old Stagecoach Inn. This was located in the heart of the old historical district. Behind the Old House was the Glenn Springs Jail which is now a few yards from its original place in what was once the Presbyterian Manse yard. Across the road was the Post Office. Beside the Post Office was the Smith Boarding House. On the left of this house was the Glenn Springs Hotel. Next to my grandparents home was the Presbyterian Manse. One of my memories was seeing the late Mrs. Phillips walking to the Post Office to get her mail in the afternoon, always dressed as if she stepped out of a “bandbox.” Beyond the Manse was the large home occupied by the Gregory family. Around the curve was the Calvary Episcopal Church. To the left of the church where the road divided was the Spring Hill, as it was called then, where we often went to get the famous mineral water. One of my happy memories was my grandmother giving me five cents to go across the road to the Post Office to buy candy. Mr. Eddie Smith, the Postmaster, named me the “Candy Kid.” Mail came twice a day to the post office. In the morning it came from Spartanburg and in the afternoon from Union. In 1946, my parents (Mr. and Mrs. Alfred J. West) built a home next door to my grandparents. My Grandparents were members of Calvary Episcopal Church. It was my privilege to be confirmed in the Episcopal Church. I attended Sunday School in the little house which was next door to the minister’s home. In my teen age years, due to the association of my close friend, the late Mary John Thornton West, I worshipped in the Glenn Springs Presbyterian Church. I also attended Bible School and youth activities in the Cate’s building located next door to the church. I recall an incident where we were not allowed to dance by the late Mr. Otis Gibson, our youth leader. We all decided to leave. After Mr. Gibson left, we returned, danced, had a fun time and all was well. As the only child I have kept the home where my parents lived. It has wonderful memories of my growing up in the Glenn Springs Community. It must have been predestined for me to one day return to the place of my childhood and youth as the minister’s wife of the Presbyterian Minister who for more than twelve years has served as Stated Supply of the Glenn Springs Presbyterian Church. Little did I know this would ever happen. I take great pleasure in claiming deep roots in this historical community. Written by Geneva Ann West Pettit, inactive Elder of the Glenn Springs Presbyterian Church."